Employment Contract – Part 2 of 3

February 28, 2012 |

Employment Contract Part 2 of 3 Employment Contract   Part 2 of 3Last week we looked at part 1 of 3 of the employment contract which dealt with “The essentials of a contract of employment” and the “Contractual capacity”. This week we will be looking at part 2 of 3 which deals with the ”Obligations of the parties to the contract of employment” and “Conditions of employment”.

Obligations of the parties to the contract of employment
Duties of the employer
·         To receive the employee into his services and to retain him
·         To pay the employee wages/salaries
·         To provide safe working conditions
·         To treat the employee fairly and reasonably
·       Not to assign the services of the employee to another employer without the employee’s consent
·         Not to give the employee tasks significantly junior in status to those for which the employee was engaged
Duties of the employee
By applying for and accepting a position/job, the employee implies/guarantees that he is competent to do the work and undertakes:
·    To serve his employer faithfully and with reasonable diligence.  This includes reasonable punctuality and regular attendance, etc.
·       To obey all reasonable instructions given to him in the normal course of his employment.
·         To deal honestly with the employer’s property
·         Not to compete with the employer in the particular trade in which he is employed.
·         To maintain reasonable efficiency
·         To further the employer’s business interests
·         To be respectful and obedient
·         To refrain from misconduct

Conditions of employment
Generally the obligations/duties of the employer and of the employee together form the conditions of employment with the employer are spelled out in writing in the following documents:
·         The individual employment contracts/agreements of service
·         The relevant laws
·     Collective agreements if entered into between the employer and recognised employee representative bodies, including trade unions
Next week we will be looking at part 3 of 3 of the employment contract which deals with the:
“Formation of the contract” and the “Types and duration of contracts of employment”
Until then happy trading and don’t forget to have “FUN”
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