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March 14, 2013 |
Time Management Time Management To manage your time effectively, you have to understand why Retail Manager’s need a unique approach to time management.
There are a lot of people working in a number of industries that just can’t use the standard time management techniques that are out there. And retail is certainly one of them.
To a limited extent, Retail Manager’s at Head Office level can use standard time management techniques but, even still, if they are in the field as often as they should be, they will not be able to operate at peak effectiveness by following those techniques.
Consider some of the obvious differences:
    Retail stores are open to the public for many hours each day and most days of the week. Some are 24/7… Monday to Friday, 8 – 5 simply doesn’t exist in the retail world.
    We can’t get to the bottom of the inbox by simply working late.
    There is rarely an office door for Retail Manager’s to close.
    There is no ‘do not disturb’ function on the phone. Customers may be calling.
    Retail Managers do not have the luxury of planning the majority of their time.
    We need to drop everything when the customer arrives and their precise time of arrival cannot be predicted!
    The workload can vary dramatically depending on how many customers arrive at the same time.
    When shipments are early or late…schedules and plans become useless.
    Stores are staffed by people working shifts.
    Each function being performed in a store is usually being handled by more than one person.
    Communication between team members is more complicated due to the nature of the business.
In retail, we need to work differently when it comes to managing our time. We need to learn how to manage our time using some best practices in a somewhat uncontrolled environment.
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